Panasonic's Ticket To Hogwarts

Written by Peter Familari     01/08/2014 | 14:59 | Category: SPEAKERS

You can thank the magicians doubling as Panasonic's cinema-sound designers for the new SC-HTB880 sound bar.

The collective wand was whirling all over the place when they conjured up a two-piece package to add a cinema-like surround sound to just about any TV.

This slimly profiled sound bar can be wall mounted or fitted snugly under the bezel of a TV where its thin, compact footprint makes it seem to disappear.

Either way the Panasonic team has managed to put the five speakers normally used for surround sound in the home, into one gorgeous unit.

Staying true to the 5.1 channel surround sound format, Panasonic bundles a wireless sub-woofer with its sound bar.
Thanks to the nature of bass frequencies which are said to be non-directional, the wireless subwoofer can be placed anywhere in a room.

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Sound and sumptuous styling are the keynotes of the SC-HTB880. Turn it on, and the sound is detailed, encompassing, thrilling. Movie sound effects will dazzle you as they surround the listening position with pin-point, cinematic accuracy. All this audio issues from two elegant yet discrete units.

Priced at $989, this is Panasonic's top-end sound bar model and given 4K TV is Panasonic's key AV theme this year it fairly begs to be used with a premium grade 4K TV courtesy of its 4K pass-through feature.

The SC-HTB880 has even more techno wizardry. It's 3D capable and of course being thoroughly modern it is Bluetooth enabled.

Pairing a smartphone that has OS version 4.1 and later or any Android device compatible with the sound bars NFC feature is as easy as swiping it over the sound bar.


Panasonic Releases Cinema Sound Systems

Improving the sound of any TV requires nothing more than adding a svelte, Panasonic Soundbar, 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre System, Micro or Mini sound system.

Soundbar fans will celebrate the arrival of the wall-mountable SC-HTB880 ($989), SC-HTB680 ($549) or SC-HTB8 ($219).  All three have Bluetooth wireless connectivity while the top two models have an encompassing surround sound. The SC-HTB880 has a 4K Pass Through Mode to send 4K video signals straight from a Blu-ray player.

To surround you with Cinema-like sound, Panasonic has released three premium quality Home Theatre systems. The $1319 SC-BTT885, $659 SC-BTT785 and $439 SC-BTT405 models have Full HD 3D Blu-ray players, Bluetooth and are Wireless LAN capable.

Three new micro systems expand Panasonic's existing range of crystal clear sounding models with wireless music streaming features. The SC-HC49 ($329), SC-HC29 ($219) and SC-PM250 ($169) are nicely priced.

Panasonic has also released three very powerful mini systems. These are the $1429 SC-Max770, $439 SC-AKX58 and the $279 SC-AKX18.