Heos Tales On Sonos, Denon Reveals New Multi Room Wireless Sound System

Written by David Richards     13/08/2014 | 08:20 | Category: SPEAKERS

Denon has moved to take on Sonos with a new range of HEOS wireless multiroom-audio products that will be launched in Australia next week.

Heos Tales On Sonos, Denon Reveals New Multi Room Wireless Sound System
The Heos systems which are distributed in Australia by Melbourne based Qualifi use iOS and Android controller apps on smartphones and tablets to direct music to Heos devices as well as from networked sources, USB sticks and USB hard drives plugged into a Heos device. 

Pricing in Australia for the speakers is tipped to be similar to Sonos pricing claim sources.

Denon is a D+M Group brand, this is the same Company that manufactures Marantz and Boston Acoustic products.

Heos Link technology, allows owners to add Wi-Fi-based multiroom-audio capability to existing stereo systems. There is also a Heos Amp, which delivers HEOS functionality to any pair of passive speakers. 

The controller apps which can be easily downloaded streams Cloud-based music services throughout a house. The Heos Link incorporates a stereo preamplifier, Wi-Fi receiver and outputs to connect to a stereo system. 

The outputs come in analogue, digital coaxial and digital optical form. Heos Link also features subwoofer pre-out and optical digital and analogue inputs. The Heos app not only controls the Link but also any Denon networked AVR, integrated amplifier and mini-system connected to the Link. 

The Heos Amp incorporates a 2x100-watt Class D stereo amp to drive passive loudspeakers or custom-installed speakers. It offers the same inputs and outputs as the Link.

The new range includes single-chassis amplified Heos WI Fi speakers, Heos 5, and Heos 7 which are set to sell for $499 and $599.