Teac Brings Modern Tech To A Faithful Turntable

Written by Tony Ibrahim     07/02/2012 | 07:18 | Category: TURNTABLES

Teac's new turntable remains faithful to a period where auto-tune was absent from music without skimping on modern innards.

Teac Brings Modern Tech To A Faithful Turntable

With the advent of cassettes, CDs and digital music downloads, the turntable has gone the way of the Dodo. But what about all of those classic tracks, recorded on vinyl, in quality that just doesn't translate to digital?

Sure you can dust off your old turntable, but it would be lacking in several areas, particularly on the speaker front.

I imagine an employee of Teac was faced with this dilemma, using it to inspire a product the company would later call the LPU190.

A simple look reveals it's an ode to another period. It dons retro style with its contained black sides and is punctuated by bespoke knobs and buttons.

It's not all nostalgia fuelling this turntable though. On either of its sides are two very modern speakers, an in-built RIAA equaliser for clearer sound and an AM/FM radio.

There's also the option of recording your vinyl tracks in mp3 format directly onto a SD card or a USB port, so that it is compatible with your car, mp3 player and computer.

And for those who want to replicate the sound on a grander scale, it can be used as an input device with music being replayed via an external HiFi system.

At present, the LPU190 is available from stores with a RRP of $149.