How To Convert Vinyl Records To Digital With Audio Technica DJ Quality

Written by Matthew Lentini     13/09/2011 | 01:18 | Category: TURNTABLES

There is a load of cheap options around for recording old records and cassettes, but Audio-Technica has thrown vinyl-recording on a professional quality turntable for the audiophiles out there.

How To Convert Vinyl Records To Digital With Audio Technica DJ Quality
Audio-Technica's LP120-USB hooks up to a PC or Mac via USB and records vinyls on the fly as a range of digital audio formats like WAV or MP3.

For a vinyl converter, the price is pretty steep at $499, but as a combination of a recorder and a professional turntable the value for money starts to shine.

The turntable is a jack of all trades with DJ-specific functionality, recording functions and connectivity across the home AV.

The high-quality turntable is fitted with DJ-friendly specs that set it apart from typical vinyl-to-digital recorders or home record players. High torque with quick start-up keeps records spinning at a constant speed even while scratching. Back-cueing support means users can manipulate playing records without damaging the vinyl.

"With the continuing popularity of enjoying records and dubbing them to digital media, we recognised the time was right to introduce a true high-performance USB turntable system that combines exceptional record playback performance and sound quality with total ease of use," said Audio-Technica's national brand manager, Wesley von Grabill in a statement.
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The direct-drive turntable features PC and Mac-compatible software and plugs straight into computers via USB.

It also hooks up to the rest of the home A/V with a built-in switchable phono preamp, adapter cables and RCA output cables, playing back analogue audio without sacrificing sound quality.

The LP120-USB is due out this month with a retail price stamped at $499.