LG Drops Plans To Launch OLED Replaced By 84" 4K Ultra High Def TV

Written by David Richards     27/08/2012 | 23:49 | Category: 3D TV

EXCLUSIVE: LG Electronics who has witnessed massive TV market growth this year in Australia, has dropped plans to launch their new OLED TV instead the Company will launch a brand new 84" Ultra High Definition 4K TV that delivers display resolution four times better than current Full HD display TV's.

LG Drops Plans To Launch OLED Replaced By 84" 4K Ultra High Def TV

According to LG Australia management the new TV delivers a "significantly superior display" when demonstrated alongside a traditional Full HD TV.

Since March 2012 when LG started an aggressive push to capture market share LG Electronics has seen their share of the flat screen TV market grow from 14.5% to 22.4%.

In the 3D TV market where LG claims to have a competitive edge, the Korean Company has seen their market share of the 3D TV market grow from 18.7% to 32.4%.

Now the Company is looking to capture market share in the large screen market with their new 4K offering which at 3840x2160 pixels is capable of distinguishing the detailed facial hairs on a face resulting in some of Hollywood's elite actors calling for new makeup specialists when filming 4K movies.
According to LG Australia Marketing Director Lambro Skropodis the new display which will be in stores by Xmas will deliver the "best picture ever seen on a TV in Australia".

"We believe that the new TV will deliver four times the resolution of a normal high end Full HD TV. Users will notice the difference when they compare the 4K TV with a traditional TV". He said.

LG claims that this is due to the new TV delivering 8 million pixels per frame, four times the resolution (3840×2160) of existing Full HD TV panels. A big contributor to the quality of the display is the integration of LG's advanced Triple XD Engine.

The use of an LG Resolution Upscaler allows images from external sources such as Blu ray players and hard drives to be rendered in higher detail.
At the Consumer Electronics show in January LG executives gave Smarthouse a firsthand look at the new display technology. It was impressive. The first thing you notice when comparing it to current Full HD screens is the richness of the detail.

 "The 4K display market is still in its infancy but it was important for LG to claim a stake in this space. LG's UD 3D TV represents a whole new level of home viewing experience because it offers every advanced technology we could offer," said LG's Havis Kwon" recently.

The new TV will come with a 2.2 speaker system consisting of two 10W speakers and two 15W sub woofers. It also has LG's CINEMA 3D technology built in.