Samsung To Deliver Global Sport Events Live On New 4K TV

Written by David Richards     11/03/2013 | 12:32 | Category: TVS & LARGE DISPLAY

A TV battle like no other is set to get under way shortly with several brands fighting for a share of the emerging OLED and Ultra High Definition TV display markets.

Samsung To Deliver Global Sport Events Live On New 4K TV
At the same time, what use to be classified as premium TV features last year is set to be bundled into low cost Samsung TVs, including 32 models, a move that will hurt several TV brands trying to compete in the 32", 40" and 45" inch markets say analysts.

The looming TV battle will see a new range of premium TVs launched with Samsung set to roll out their $25,000 4K model shortly with expanded sporting content.

LG and Sony will also launch new 4K offerings while Panasonic is set to launch new high end plasma and LED TVs that deliver "exceptional" display quality.

Sony's Marketing Manager for Home Entertainment, Hass Mahdi, claims the company is focussing on developing a "halo effect" as it hopes the premium cache generated from its 4K television ripples down throughout its range. In an email with SmartHouse, Mahdi said: 

"Following the launch of our flagship 84-inch 4K BRAVIA TV back in November 2012 along with our bespoke customer service consultation and installation program, we will continue to focus our marketing efforts on the premium end of the range.  Building on the 'halo effect' of this marketing approach, and acknowledging the trend towards larger screen sizes, we will expand our 4K range this year with models and sizes that will make this superior picture technology accessible to more Australians."

Sony is also advocating inter-device connectivity as their "premium TV range this year will also be more connected to other devices and content through NFC (Near Field Communication) technology."

According to Phillip Newton, the Vice President of Consumer Electronics at Samsung, the key issue is content with Samsung set to announce new content deals including new live sporting content from around the world.

According to Newton the market will be split between what he calls "high and low" end models.

"There is an appetite for the larger, more expensive innovative products that will feature the latest in TV display technology. At the same time we are shifting more of our smart hub TV technology into the less expensive TVs".

"Right now we do not have set 4K TV standards, these are still being decided, so what Samsung has done is introduce a system that allows us to upgrade the TV as new high end standards emerge".

"The entry level TV market is going to be price driven; however, the premium TV is going to be very different. We are getting demand for more high quality content and with our new TVs. Users will be able to deliver content easily from different devices including smartphones and tablets".

"A lot of what use to be premium TV features is now flowing down into our midrange TVs. What was in our 8 series product last year has now been shifted into other low priced models including our 32" models".

Newton said that during the past few months Samsung has moved to secure additional content for Australian viewers.

"Sport content is extremely important and in the future we will deliver an expanded sport offering. We are currently in discussions with several providers. We will be able to deliver more than 85% of the key sporting events from around the world live".

Newton did not say when Samsung would deliver their new OLED TV range which is expected in the second half of 2013. The new $25,000 Ultra High Definition TV models will go on sale in April along with new wireless audiospeakers.