Sony Boss Set To Exit As New Team Takes Over

Written by Wire Service     11/03/2013 | 12:36 | Category: TVS & LARGE DISPLAY

Sony, who is set to launch several new products this year, including a new Playstation 4, has finally seen Sir Howard Stringer, the former CEO who oversaw a disastrous period for the Japanese Company, exit the Company via the back door.

Sony Boss Set To Exit As New Team Takes Over

The current chairman of Sony, will officially step down from his position in June after a new management team took over the running of Sony late last year.

The Sony chair's departure comes as the company moves to regain ground in a number of consumer electronics segments. Stringer has not responded to requests for comment.

Stringer took the helm as Sony CEO in 2006 and stepped aside in April of 2012, handing the reins Kazuo Hirai. Under Stringer, Sony had looked to regain the prominence it had lost as other companies, including Samsung and Apple, rose to the top of the consumer electronics sector. Stringer moved into a new role as chairman, and Hirai promised to double down on mobile phones, tablets, and gaming.

Sony since has been engaged in a number of cost-cutting efforts, shuttering less profitable segments in order to focus on fewer core elements.

Stringer said his retirement would allow him to pursue "new opportunities." He will officially step down at Sony's shareholders meeting in June.

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