Google TV Killed Off, Hisense A Victim

Written by David Richards     14/10/2013 | 08:40 | Category: TVS & LARGE DISPLAY

Google TV has been quietly killed off with the giant search Company set to integrate their TV offering into all things Android.

Google TV Killed Off, Hisense A Victim

It was only six months ago that Chinese brand Hisense was telling the world about an exclusive deal with Google to launch a brand new TV featuring the latest version of Google TV, it has not happened.

Internally the brand name Google TV has been dumped by the giant search Company but that does not mean that the Company is getting out of the TV content market according to analysts.

According to SmartHouse sources the Company is now working on a new offering called Android TV that will deliver content to a multitude of devices that run the Android operating system.

The next generation of Android TV devices will be highly customised, with manufacturers given the option of integrating several Google services into their hardware offering.

Hitachi is currently working on a new range of TV's that will come with a tablet that talks to the TV. All of the content will be managed by the tablet device.

Several TV brands that initially used the name Google TV have moved to dump the name, recently Sony launched a Google software based adapter that called the Bravia Stick that delivers content using Google developed software.

Internally at Google the name Google TV has been banished with several developers changing their profiles from working on Google TV to Android TV.

At a recent TV industry developer event in Seoul the name of the function was changed to "Android TV Developer Day".

Some analysts are speculating that we could see the first official reference to Android TV when Google launch their new 4.2 KitKat OS which could be launched as early as next week.

 The company said earlier this year that consumer electronics manufacturers will be able to easily upgrade their TV hardware to the most recent version of Android after the switch to 4.2 of KitKat.

Google TV was initially based on Intel's architecture but this relationship failed to excite the market, it even claimed victims after Logitech, a manufacturer of a first-generation Google TV companion box, lost millions on its bet on the living room, forcing Logitech CEO Gerald Quindlen to quit.