New Sharp Quattron 3DTVs With Free IPTV Boxee

Written by Matthew Lentini     27/06/2011 | 00:43 | Category: ACCESSORIES

Sharp is going up against Internet-integrated TVs by releasing four new 3D TVs in its Aquos Quattron range this month that come bundled with a Boxee Internet TV unit.

New Sharp Quattron 3DTVs With Free IPTV BoxeeThe LE830X utilises Sharp's Quattron four-colour technology and edge LED backlighting technology for pushing colour vividness, and has a range of motion and frame rate technologies in place to reduce motion blur, reduce crosstalk and enhance 3D picture.

While it doesn't go the way of throwing in an in-built PVR, the LE830X does have similar functionality with its 'USB Timeshift' function that allows users to pause, record and replay live TV.

Sharp is also throwing in a free D-Link Boxee Box that is used to stream movies and other content from the internet or from your existing stockpile of media straight onto TVs. The Boxee normally sells at an RRP of $299 on its own.

The new Quattron model comes in four sizes, with the 40 inch selling at $1,799, the 46 inch selling for $2,199, 52 inch for $2,799 and the 60 inch for $3,999.