Make Your TV Smart With Android 4.0 For $99

Written by Tony Ibrahim     20/06/2012 | 02:58 | Category: ACCESSORIES

Rambunctious online retailer Kogan has unveiled a $99 solution that will transform your ordinary TV into a fully-fledged smart TV.

Make Your TV Smart With Android 4.0 For $99

The miracle upgrade is in the form of a Smart TV dongle that launches a TV friendly version of Android's Ice Cream Sandwich, empowering your TV with apps, multimedia playback and web browsing. The dongle is Full HD (1080p) compatible and simply jumps onto your existing WiFi network.

According to CNET, the thumb drive contains a 1GHz Cortex A9 processor, 512MB of RAM and a Mali400 GPU. Music, Videos and pictures can be transferred via USB connection and stored on its 4GB of internal memory or external MicroSD memory.

As an additional perk, users can pick up a clever QWERTY remote that features a touchpad, media controls and also Android shortcuts for an additional $39.