What A Turn Off! Google TVs Returned By Users

Written by Oonagh Reidy     29/07/2011 | 13:55 | Category: ACCESSORIES

Disgruntled Google TV users are returning sets in droves. Logitech International, which makes hardware running Google TV technology including Revue set-top box andl keyboard, recently announced revenue losses in the category, saying more units were returned than sold.

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This was "partly due to the fact that Google TV has not yet fully delivered to its own promises," Logitech Chairman Guerrino De Luca, said in a conference call Thursday.

Logitech itself had promised "there's no telling what your TV will be able to do" with its hardware running Google. 

Revue has a keyboard with integrated touch and directional pad, an HDMI cable and IR blaster. 

He also admitted his company has misjudged the smart TV market. It is now to slash the price of Reuve by 60% - from US$249 to just US$99. It was originally launched with an RRP of US $299.

"We launched Revue with the expectation that it would generate significant sales growth in spite of a relatively high price point and the newness of both the smart TV category and the underlying platform," De Luca lamented. 

Sony were also said to be unhappy with the performance of its TVs running on Google Android, first launched in the US last September. 

However, despite the dissing, Google say Logitech's complaints wouldn't stop the giant chasing its TV dreams.

"It's still early days for smart TVs and we're investing to continue to bring innovation and progress for our partners and users," a spokesperson said. 

The Android creators are also said to be working on a second version of Google TV, which will run You Tube movies and a stash of apps, to be delivered later this year.

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