Netgear Turns To Google For New Media Player

Written by Tony Ibrahim     08/01/2013 | 00:49 | Category: ACCESSORIES

Netgear has jumped on the Google TV bandwagon with the NeoTV GTV100 media player.

Netgear Turns To Google For New Media Player

It's a media player small enough to nestle alongside your home entertainment equipment, but powerful enough to deliver video-on-demand content, local content from USB storage and manage live TV.

It jumps onto your home network via Ethernet or Wifi and Internet browsing on your big screen is possible by way of Google's refined chrome browser. For ease of use, the two way remote features a QWERTY keyboard.

Source: Engadget

Content management is easy too as its native search inquisitively browses all of your local libraries. Additionally, it'll display content—music, videos and pictures—from Android smartphones and tablets easily, provided they're compatible with DLNA.

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Australian pricing and availability has not announced yet, but upon its release in America it will cost $US129.99.

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