Tweak Your TV With Digital Video Essentials

Written by Rob Gillam     29/05/2006 | 04:08 | Category: ACCESSORIES

People spend plenty of money trying to get the best possible picture quality but very few realise that your existing set is most likely falling well short of its potential. Potential that can be easily realised with a tuning device such as Digital Video Essentials (DVE), a video calibration solution that costs $69.

Tweak Your TV With Digital Video Essentials

Digital Video Essentials is a DVD that provides powerful tools to optimise your display, and audio system settings. DVE includes instructions and test patterns that help you get the most from a display and audio tweaking assistance. It also provides demonstration material you can use before and after you tweak to see the difference.

DVE is optimised for PAL (phase alternating line), the Australian video system, and provides standard-definition video content mastered by AV legend, Joe Kane. It includes Basic, intermediate and advanced levels of video calibration, Red, green and blue colour filters, Dolby Digital Pro-Logic, Dolby Digital Surround EX and DTS ES multichannel audio test signals, over 50 video test patterns.

The downside of DVE is that its menu interface leaves a lot to be desired and it can be hard finding the test pattern stuff if you want to jump to it directly. But the results are well worth the time spent persevering with it and price is pretty meagre when compared with other things claimed to improve video quality. We highly recommend it.


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DVE milks the best performance from a display and it costs only $69.