Netflix Recommends LG And Sony 2016 Smart TVs

Written by Martin Kovacs     22/03/2016 | 15:18 | Category: INDUSTRY

Netflix has made its Netflix Recommended TV program global this year, with LG and Sony the first TV manufacturers to achieve the Netflix Recommended TV designation for 2016 models.

Netflix Recommends LG And Sony 2016 Smart TVsNetflix states that the program, which was introduced in the US last year, was created because its members told it "they wanted smart TVs to be easier to use, provide simpler access to the things they do most, and perform better overall".

"The goal of the Netflix Recommended TV logo is to help people easily identify which devices meet those needs and deliver a superior smart TV experience," Netflix states.

For 2016, Netflix has introduced new criteria, establishing faster performance thresholds for existing criteria, noting by way of reference that none of last year's models would have met this year's new criteria.

LG received the designation for its UHD TVs with webOS 3.0, comprising its UH6300 series, UH6500 series, UH7500 series, UH8500 series, UH9500 series and G6 series.

Sony's Android 4K UHD TVs, comprising its S85D series, X85D series, X93D series, X94D series, XD93 series, XD94 series, SD85 series and XD85 series, received the designation.

"Among other benefits, these TVs both have Instant On, so that the TV wakes quickly, and internet TV services and smart menu features are ready to use right away," Netflix states of the 2016 LG and Sony TVs.

"They also have TV Resume, which means when Netflix was the last-used app, the TV comes right back to Netflix when turned back on again - just like smartphones and tablets do today. Overall, these devices deliver faster performance and easier access to the most popular services."

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