EXCLUSIVE: Hitachi Tipped As Partner For Microsoft TV

Written by David Richards     18/02/2016 | 10:58 | Category: INDUSTRY

Microsoft sources have confirmed that they are working with Japanese TV Company Hitachi to deliver a new Microsoft TV OS that links with their Microsoft shop.

EXCLUSIVE: Hitachi Tipped As Partner For Microsoft TV
It's also been confirmed by Microsoft insiders in Australia that Microsoft is looking to use gaming as a key revenue generator and that Australia could be one of the first Countries to get access to the new TV.

Among the games on offer will be several that currently run on the Microsoft Xbox platform.

Earlier this month SmartHouse exclusively revealed that Microsoft was working with Intel to develop a processor for the new TV. We can now confirm that their TV partner is Hitachi and that Australia could get to see the new Microsoft offering in the second quarter of 2016.

The new TV will go up against Apple TV and Google's Chromecast.

Instead of being a standalone content player the Microsoft and Intel technology will be built into the TV said sources. 

Earlier this month ChannelNews revealed that Intel was working with Microsoft to develop a TV offering, at the time we were unaware of their TV partner. 

The move to partner with Hitachi who are not a major global TV was made after Microsoft was rejected by Samsung. LG and Panasonic claim sources.

Samsung is currently developing their own Tizen OS; LG has Web OS while Panasonic has cuddled up to Firefox who are currently expanding their Firefox TV OS.

Several Chinese manufacturers are already aligned with Android TV from Google. 

Hitachi and Intel sources in Australia have refused to comment for this story.