Retailers Now Selling New Hisense 4K Google TV Cheaper Than Other Leading Brand UHD TV's

Written by David Richards     02/06/2014 | 11:28 | Category: INDUSTRY

Retailers in Australia are now selling the new Hisense 4K Vision TV's that come with Google TV functions built in at prices significantly under what several other brands are selling their top end 4K TV's for.

Retailers Now Selling New Hisense 4K Google TV Cheaper Than Other Leading Brand UHD TV
The new Hisense 4K 65" TV is retailing for $2,978, the Samsung 65" 4K Curved TV is selling at Harvey Norman for $6,874 while the LG 65" 4K offering is $4,489.

Both the Samsung LG and Hisense models have 3840 X 2160 resolution display and built in Wi Fi. 

There are four new TVs in the Vision range, and they're all equal: the $799 40-inch, $1199 50-inch, $1499 55-inch, and $2199 65-inch all run Android 4.2 Jelly Bean - and the Vision is the only Android TV in Australia to be properly certified by Google.

Recently retailers across Australia have been undertaking training courses for the new Hisense Google TV where smart TV functions have been streamlined and linked with the Google Play store. It is the only TV on sale in Australia that has specifically been built around the Google Android operating system.

Hisense management claim that traditional Smart TVs require a steep learning curve and that this is no longer the case with the Hisense VISION series powered by Android. A new slick dashboard built into the interface of the new TV delivers easy access to a host of Google apps, media, apps, social networking and weather Hisense claims that the new functionality can be accessed via the swipe of a remote.

Also built into the Hisense Vision TV's is a powerful quad-core processor which delivers superior performance than the recently launched Google Chromecast dongle.

"This new range of Google TV's have been custom built around the Google TV architecture, as a result they deliver superior functionality when accessing apps and services along with access to the Google Play store" said Andre Iannuzzi Marketing Manager at Hisense Australia.
Users can access Live TV, Weather, Games, Movies and Music as well as the the world's largest search engine at the press of a button.

By speaking into the remote for example, "Search Pavlova Recipe" users will be able to access Google search and web sites without having to type in words.