Sub $5,000 60" 4K UHD TV Set To Be Launched In OZ

Written by David Richards     05/04/2013 | 10:39 | Category: INDUSTRY

EXCLUSIVE: One of the largest TV brands in China is set to launch a 65" 4K Ultra High Definition TV in Australia for sub $5,000 with a sub $4,000 UHD 58" model set to follow in the last quarter of 2013.

Sub $5,000 60" 4K UHD TV Set To Be Launched In OZ

Changhong executives have confirmed to ChannelNews that they new 65" model will go on sale shortly.

The new TV which we saw at CES boasts 8 million pixels and even at 6 metres from the screen delivered a crystal sharp image.

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The pricing is set to be significantly lower than similar TV's from LG, Samsung and Sony.

Old Full HD TV's deliver 1920 x 1080 resolution with an image of around 2 megapixels, the new Changhong TV delivers an 8 megapixel image and a resolution of 3840 x 2160.

According to Johnson Xia Marketing Manager at Changhong Australia their new TV offering is as good as any made by competing brands.

"I am confident that in blind testing our new 4K TV will extremely hard to pick when compared to similar high priced offerings from our major competitors. In China Changhong is a major TV brand, we sell tens of millions of TV's and we manufacture TV's for several other major brands".

At this stage Changhong is not saying what Smart TV platform they will adopt but at the CES show the Company showed off gesture control running on their TV's.  

Also set to be launched is a sub $1,000, 60" Changhong plasma TV.