Portable TVs Set To Take Off Apple Will Have One Soon

Written by David Richards     12/10/2009 | 03:42 | Category: INDUSTRY

Handheld TVs that also include a digital FM radio service are set to take off in Australia with several Companies including Apple now planning launches. Among the first is the Laser Corporation who earlier today announced three new TVs including one with a touchscreen for under $250.

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Also working on the technology is Qualcomm who make processors for mobile smartphones, which are seen as a logical alternative to a handheld TV. Apple is also expected to announce a digital TV service for their new iPad touchscreen notebook, as well as a software service for iPhone and iPods early in 2010.

Apple who will use a TV tuner from German Company Elgarto is also planning to launch application software that allow recording to be made on the run with content stored locally or back to a host Mac PC.

Last week Qualcomm released the FLO TV which is standalone TV service that will also be available mobile phones and in-car applications in the future.

The new Laser Corporation portable TV's which is the first digital video broadcasting, terrestrial (DVB-T) pocket-sized TV's to be released in Australia all have a 3.5" screens and are capable of picking up all the free to air TV stations as well as HD stations via an electronic program guide.

The new range includes the DVBT-C30 Classic C30, DVBT-MP32 Multimedia Plus, and DVBT-ST35 Slim Touch.

Content from the ABC, Channel 7, 9 and 10, Prime, SBS, Southern Cross, and WIN, as well as digital specific channels including ACC, GO!, EXPO, One, NITV, Teachers TV, and Digital Forty Four are all accessible from the new TV range.

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The new models also have an EPG which allow users to navigate, select and discover content by time, title channel, and genre, plus adjust the aspect ratio of the 3.5 inch screen.

A built in Antenna allows a user to auto-scan channels, an external antenna for difficult locations is also included.

The new TV's can also be used overseas because of the DVB-T format technology included in the TV's.

The DVBT-C30 Classic C30 is the entry-level Pocket Digital TV - a 3.5" handheld DVB-T TV with remote control, digital FM radio and EPG.

The device also doubles as a set top box which allows home analog TV's to be converted into a digital television in the home.

The DVBT-MP32 Multimedia Plus is also a media player which includes a digital video recorder that allows recorded programs to be recorded and watched at a later date.

The DVBT-ST35 Slim Touch has a built in touchscreen that lets users interact directly with the device and the sleek design also supports digital FM radio and EPG presents channel previews, subtitles (where supported) and multi-language (option).

RRPs inc GST

DVBT-C30 Classic C30 - AU$149.95

DVBT-MP32 Multimedia Plus - AU$199.95

DVBT-ST35 Slim Touch - AU$229.95

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