Samsung's Stunning UHD TV Goes On Extremely Limited (& Expensive) Pre-Order

Written by Tony Ibrahim     14/01/2013 | 01:41 | Category: INDUSTRY

Samsung's monolithic Ultra High Definition television has gone on incredibly limited pre order in Korea.


Only 77 of Samsung's 85 inch UHD TVs have been made available for pre-order. 'Why 77?' you ask: because it has a 40 million won price-tag, which is roughly $AU36,000.

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Currently LG and Sony are the only two companies with 84 inch UHD TVs available in the Australian market. They retail at $17,999 and $24,999 respectively.

Ultra High Definition televisions have twice the resolution and four times the pixels of current standard Full HD televisions. The denser pixels display supported content—which at present, is limited—in unprecedented clarity.

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Samsung's UHD television uses a LED panel and is distinguished by a controversial easel stand. Although an aesthetic statement, the stand also discreetly houses a 2.2 channel, 120 watt speaker system.

According to The Verge, Samsung's 85 inch UHD TV is expected to go on sale in March.