Japan To Broadcast World Cup Matches In UHD

Written by Tony Ibrahim     29/01/2013 | 03:47 | Category: INDUSTRY

Japan will broadcast 2014 World Cup matches in Ultra High Definition

Ultra High Definition televisions were the talk of CES 2013, but praise of their unbridled clarity was met with condemnation over a lack of supporting content. After all, what's the point of spending tens of thousands on a television that's handicapped by a lack of supporting content?

So far Sony has announced its 84 inch UHD television will come with 10 or so UHD movies (in America), but apart from that, talk of UHD delivery methods have been fruitless. That's until we heard what the Japanese are working on.

Today the Japanese Internal Affairs and Communications (JIAC) announced it is studiously making preparations to broadcast 2014 World Cup matches in gloriously clear Ultra High Definition.

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According to a report from the Asahi Times, the JIAC will be broadcasting the matches using its own communications satellites instead of broadcast satellites.

It's not known how many (or which matches) will be broadcasted in UHD—or even if these broadcasts can be viewed outside of Japan—but those details fail to rob this announcement of its shine because it represents the first practical delivery method for Ultra High Definition content.

Most UHD movies range from 400GB to 600GB in size, come on a hard-drive and cost between $99 and $299 each.

The Ultra High Definition televisions on offer from Sony, LG and Samsung cost in excess of $15,000, but the budding footballer hoping to buy a UHD set can take solace in Changhong, who showcased a 65 inch television with a sub $6,000 price tag at CES. 

Source Asahi Times | Via TechRadar