Mitsubishi Throws All-In-One With Cheaper Feature-Laden TVs

Written by Matthew Lentini     27/06/2011 | 23:36 | Category: LCD

Off in Japan, Mitsubishi has just announced an LCD TV that throws in all the modern TV bells and whistles (minus the 3D) into a small but price-effective package.

The LCD-22BLR500, spotted on Mitsubishi Electric's Japanese site, is a 22 inch flatscreen with an in-built Blu-ray player, digital TV tuner, SD card and USB reader and an in-built 500GB PVR that can record Blu-ray quality.

Recording with AVCREC support (which is used widely in Japan to record in quality seen on Blu-ray discs) means users can record around 63 hours worth of HD terrestrial digital broadcasting or 45 hours of digital HD broadcasting.

It's only a 22 incher, but this internet-ready TV is said to come with a small price tag of a little over $1,000 according to some reports, though the official release sets an 'open' suggested retail price.

The resolution sits at 1366x768, running at 50 or 60Hz. There are two 3W speakers sitting inside the neat package.
The 22BLR500 is part of a line-up dubbed 'Real'

The LCD-22BLR500 has only just been announced for release next month in Japan, so there's yet to be word on the global move for this model.

Just because Mitsubishi has the clean, neat, cheap variety of TVs here, doesn't mean they don't have a premium offer. 92 inches of a premium offer, at that.

Set for US release in July, the 840 3D DLP Home Cinema TV comes in at a fraction of the price of other giant TVs from the bigger TV companies like Panasonic, sitting at US$5,999, (as opposed to over $20,000).

It runs at 1080p and uses rear-projection which makes it a bit heftier than LCD screens, but also drops the price.