Pier-Less Flat Panel Mounting Stands

Written by Rob Gillam     02/02/2006 | 02:46 | Category: MOUNTING SOLUTIONS

Baumann Meyer has releasd a new range of designer floor stands for large flat panel displays such as LCD and plasma.

Pier-Less Flat Panel Mounting Stands

Available in satin black or silver alloy finish, the Baumann Meyer Lifestyle Pier's solid weight provides the stability to support heavy loads and accomodates any brand of wall-mountable display sized 37 inches to 50 inches.

Offering a space-saving footprint of 700 mm x 740 mm and two adjustable height settings (1230 mm and 1360 mm).

Baumann Meyer's Malcolm Middleton said "The Lifestyle Pier fills a gap in Australian panel TV display solutions by offering the convenience of placing your display throughout selected rooms with the visual advantages of wall mounting."

Cost: $899

See www.baumannmeyer.com.au

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