Economy-Class Universal Plasma Mounts

Written by Manisha Kanetkar     16/05/2006 | 05:20 | Category: MOUNTING SOLUTIONS

The Australian flat-panel mounting specialist with the strange name, Skunkworks, has released a range of heavy-duty plasma mounts which it says will suit almost any PDP and any budget.

Economy-Class Universal Plasma Mounts

The new Skunkworks Vasco mounting system features a universal split fitting, so no additional adaptor plates are required. This also means the system can be used on uneven surfaces, such as bricks and stone, the company said.

Vasco 950
The new range includes the flat-to-the-wall model, Vasco 945 ($199), and the Vasco 950 ($245) with VariAngle tilt functionality. The VariAngle system claims to allow viewers to tilt their screens without exerting too much pressure on the screen or wall.

Also featured in the range is the Vasco 966 ($349), a 45 cm extendable plasma arm that claims to be able to suspend a screen weighing up to 70kgs. Other products include the ceiling mount, Vasco 8700 ($399) and free-standing trolley, Vasco 8600 ($399).

Vasco 8700

Skunkworks said its competitive pricing is a major incentive for customers, but comes with its own complications. "The most commonly asked question by customers is 'How do you do it for the price?'. There is even some suspicion about our brackets' quality! However, once people see them they realise that all our brackets are made from solid steel. Our pricing is an attempt to bring some sanity back into the home theatre and computer accessories industry. Our motto remains: why pay more for the things you can't see," said Skunkworks' Lou Schillaci.

And what's with the name? Well, it's actually not as wacky as it sounds. According to, 'skunkworks' is actually "A small, loosely structured corporate research and development unit or subsidiary formed to foster innovation."