Atdec To Sell Doughnuts

Written by Mendelson Tiu     29/10/2009 | 22:37 | Category: MOUNTING SOLUTIONS

Atdec has released a donut mount that locks a display along a pole without the need of any tools.

Atdec To Sell Doughnuts

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The Spacedec Display Quick Shift Donut comes with a 'Quick Shift lever' that easily moves and locks the display freely along a pole, contains an in-built 'Quick Release' mechanism for effortless, secure removal or replacement of the display, and allows infinite adjustment for viewing angles up to 40 degrees.

Atdec's Managing Director, Jerome Green said, "The Spacedec Display Quick Shift Donut is a sleek, simple and brilliantly engineered product made from robust, state-of-the-art materials. It reflects Atdec's commitment to creating a better visual experience as it lets users adjust the display height, viewing distance and tilt with minimal effort."

The Spacedec Display Quick Shift Donut adapts to poles 42mm and 50mm in diameter and supports displays up to 12kg. It supports mounting hole configurations of 100mm x 100mm, with the option of adding an Adaptor plate for displays with 200mm x 100mm mounting configurations.

The Donut also features portrait-to-landscape rotation and simple, one turn tension adjustment for which a single special tool is included, making it suitable for multi-user environments.

The Spacedec Display Quick Shift Donut is available now for $129.