Handyman-friendly flat-panel wall mounts

Written by Peter Diversi     15/12/2005 | 07:13 | Category: MOUNTING SOLUTIONS

Mounting your sexy new slimline display to a wall can be a synch or a task fraught with potential disaster. Vogel's - the Netherlands-based audio and visual mounting company - has released its new wall-mount frames for flat-panel televisions to ensure your experience is a happy one.

Handyman-friendly flat-panel wall mounts

The Evolution 6000 series includes mounts that are 'fixed', 'adjustable' and 'optimally adjustable'. The latter, as its name suggests, allows users the freedom to move their plasma or LCD displays at all angles for optimal viewing.

The SMM (Smart Movement Mechanism) allows placement between 90 mm and two feet from a wall and a 120 degree horizontal movement with a 30-degree tilt.

The adjustable models offer movement to the left and right with a 30-degree tilt, whilst the fixed models create a flat-against-wall look, yet provide good ventilation and can accommodate screens up to 65 inches.

Vogels' Robert Costello said "They are as solid as a rock and we have made it so the home handyman can install the mounts. It has never been easier for the customer to choose and they really are excellent value for money". 

In addition to the sleek design, the 6000 series comes with a stylish column system that allows for DVD and audio supports to be added at any height or depth. The column also features Vogel's AdvanCISTM cable inlay system, which easily guides and hides cables. 

Whilst they're designed for easy mounting, Vogel says the mounting system poses a significant obstacle for burglars seeking to relieve the display of its post during the range's ten-year warranty or beyond. 

See: www.canohm.com.au