Desktop Monitor Mount Avoids Collisions

Written by Mendelson Tiu     17/09/2010 | 00:05 | Category: MOUNTING SOLUTIONS

Atdec has announced a new desktop mount that allow users to adjust, rotate, pan, and tilt a monitor without cumbersome adjustments.

Desktop Monitor Mount Avoids Collisions

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The Levitate mount offers a range of movement with its counterbalanced upper and lower arms that claim to move independently of each other. The lower arm offers optional 180 degree limited rotation; preventing collision with partitions and walls in desktop environments. This mount also allows large format displays to be adjusted from a sitting position.

This mount not only offers clean lines and minimal hardware clutter, but also a cable management system that hides unsightly wiring through an integrated channel. Different colours and finishes will be offered by the company.

Installation has also been made easier, with the desk clamp being fitted and tightened from above the desk. In addition, Levitate ships with both the desk clamp and a bolt through option for different installation requirements. To assist in large projects, a visual gauge on the arms allows the counterbalance adjustments to be calculated once according to the screen weight and then replicated en masse for the remainder of the mounts to be installed.

Finally, each part of the mount is recyclable and can be broken down into their individual base components.