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Written by SmartHouse Team     26/05/2006 | 07:18 | Category: MOUNTING SOLUTIONS

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Mount Me

Wall, floor, ceiling and, if need be, door mounts are all now becoming useful and pragmatic options for flat panel televisions. With flat panels taking a big slice of the consumer television market, mounting options are becoming increasingly innovative. Small, medium and large screens are all catered for and you can practically hang your TV wherever you want; above the bath, the kitchen sink - even the bedroom ceiling. Here's a peek at some options.


Vogels 6000 Series

Vogels — the Netherlands-based audio and visual mounting company — has released its Evolution 6000 series, which includes mounts that are 'fixed', 'adjustable' and 'optimally adjustable' with the latter being the superior of the three models. The optimally adjustable series including the 6145 ($299), 6245 ($499) and 6345 ($699) models, allows users the freedom to move their plasma and LCD televisions at all angles for viewing pleasure.
The SMM (Smart Movement Mechanism) allows the user the freedom to move their TV between 90 mm and two feet from the wall and provides a 120 degree horizontal movement with a 30 degree tilt. The adjustable models offer movement to the left and right with a 30 degree tilt. The fixed models create a 'flat' look, providing good ventilation and can accommodate screens up to 65 inches. 
Vogels' Robert Costello says "They are as solid as a rock and we have made it so the home handyman can install the mounts. It has never been easier for the customer to choose and they really are excellent value for money."


Baumann Meyer Lifestyle Pier

Baumann Meyer has released a new range of designer floor stands for large flat panel displays such as LCD and plasma. Available in satin black or silver alloy finish, the Baumann Meyer Lifestyle Pier's solid weight provides the stability to support heavy loads and accommodates any brand of wall-mountable display sized 37 inches to 50 inches.
The stands offers a space-saving footprint of 700 mm x 740 mm and two adjustable height settings (1230 mm and 1360 mm).
Baumann Meyer's Malcolm Middleton says "The Lifestyle Pier fills a gap in Australian panel TV display solutions by offering the convenience of placing your display throughout selected rooms with the visual advantages of wall mounting."
Price: $899



Atdec Telehook 31-55 Swing Arm

Atdec, Australian designer and manufacturer of display mounting systems, has launched the Telehook 31-55 Swing Arm.
The 31-55 Swing Arm offers users flexibility, as they can position a flat panel display on the Swing Arm from -5° to 25° vertically, from -5° to 5° horizontally, and through 180° rotation from the wall. Atdec's Steve Crozier says the wall mounts can be securely mounted for LCD and Plasma displays, while providing viewing versatility through the adjustable tilt feature. "The Swing Arm also provides customers with the option of adding other products from the Telehook range. Customers can purchase the 31-55 Swing Arm separately and update their existing 31-55 Tilt Wall product, or purchase it as a complete product package within the Telehook 31-55 range," he says.
The Telehook 31-55 Swing Arm is ideal for flat panel displays from 31 inch (78 cm) to 55 inch (140 cm). The design provides a maximum distance of 554 mm from a wall to the back of the display.
Price: $399


Chief PWR

Chief has introduced the PWR Single-Swing Arm Wall Mount for medium to large flat panel screens (37-50 inch) and claims it will hold up to 56.7 kilograms.
The single-arm of the PWR is attached to the wall by hanging the mount on two lag bolts. The instructions supplied guide you though do-it-yourself mounting depending on the lag-bolts and washers used. It is recommended that a home handyperson use a stud sensor to safely locate a correct place for the lag bolt.
Mike Rockie of DS Agencies — Chief's Australian distributor — said, "The PWR Swing Arm Wall Mount allows you to view your medium or large flat panel TV from any angle as well as remaining low-profile when locked in the home position. It is compatible with a complete range of accessories such as side and centre speaker adaptors, and DVD or set top box adaptors."
The Q-latch allows a secure fit from the back of the TV to the arm and can be padlocked for further security in either a landscape of portrait position. With a tilt of 0-15 degrees, the single arm can be extended from two inches out to 24.7/8 inches out from the wall. The horizontal movement of the PWR reaches 4.5 inches to the left and right of the normal position.
Chief claims to support seismic-rated wall mounts so durability is assured and cites a support solution history spanning 25 years.
Price: $999


Atdec Visidec Wall Mount

LCD mounts from Australian designer and manufacturer, Atdec, are growing in range. The latest is the Visidec wall mount for use in home, office and commercial applications. "It is so versatile you can use it virtually anywhere," said Atdec's  Steve Crozier. "Just affix it to a wall and you can have TV in the kitchen, bedroom or any other room of the home. It's ideal for retailers who want to display advertising messages at eye level without cluttering shelf space, or for mobile roadshows that need flexibility with their promotional monitors and stands."
The Visidec has a simple, polished silver design which is fixed to a timber stud or masonry wall and is suitable for supporting displays up to six kilograms in weight.
The system features an adjustable monitor mounting plate that suits 75mm x 75mm and 100mm x 100mm VESA-compliant Flat Panel display mounting interfaces.  The mount offers an adjustable tilt of +/- 30 degrees, adjustable pan of +/- 30 degrees and portrait/landscape mode adjustment.
The Visidec Wall Mount is available from resellers and major commercial furniture companies such as Thinking Ergonomix and CEDIA members, as well as retailers including Harvey Norman and Domayne.
Price: $79