Atdec Monitor Mounts Meet Complex Challenge

Written by Mike Wheeler     08/10/2008 | 02:22 | Category: MOUNTING SOLUTIONS

Laurentian University, a mid-sized school with over 9,000 students and one of only two bilingual universities in Canada, faced a complex challenge when trying to maximise the working desk space in its multiple student computer labs throughout its campus.

Atdec Monitor Mounts Meet Complex Challenge

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One obstacle was how to reduce the amount of computer equipment on each desk in the computer labs so that students would have room to work. The university was also searching for ergonomically friendly, highly secure space-saving products that would prevent the possibility of theft.

Atdec provided over 700 of its high-end POS Multi LCD computer monitor mounts. The POS Multi is a steel post specifically designed to mount LCD monitors ranging in size from 12 inches to 24 inches. It can be used in any space-constricted location where multiple monitors must be positioned in an ergonomically friendly and secure manner.

A spokesman for the university said it selected the POS Multi based on its high level of security. The unit is constructed with a strong steel structure incorporating a clever screw concealment cover on top of the mounting screws that are drilled into a desk. In addition, its design includes the option to use the pre-drilled security holes for "under work surface" attachment, which increases security.

There is also a convenient location to attach a monitor security system such as wire cable locking device. These features work together to prevent the possible theft of the monitor.

Finally, the unit is said to offer a clean, modern look with an advanced internal cable management system where unsightly cables are routed through the post via a cable port located directly behind the monitor screen.