New LG OLED TV To Go On Show At Sydney Airport

Written by David Richards     19/08/2013 | 06:21 | Category: OLED TV

LG Electronics is set to display their new ultra slim 55-inch OLED TV at Sydney airport as part of a global marketing campaign that will see their new TV exposed to millions of air travellers globally at 45 international airports.

New LG OLED TV To Go On Show At Sydney Airport

Airports like Sydney and Narita Airport in Tokyo, are just two of 45 airports round the globe that will become showrooms for the new LG offering which is set to go head to head with new TV offerings from Samsung in the last quarter of 2013.

We are truly excited to give travellers from all over the world the chance to enjoy the future of television," said Havis Kwon, president and CEO of LG Electronics' Home Entertainment Company. "Displaying our advanced product in airport lounges and high traffic areas presents us with a unique opportunity to show consumers how OLED differs from traditional flat-panel TVs. This is a technology that one can't simply describe, it must be seen to be believed. "

Launched for the first time by LG this year, the OLED television has become a firm attraction to both consumers and entire entertainment industry. The bold design also lends itself perfectly to an airport environment, with its wide viewing angle ensuring a first rate picture from almost any viewing position.