The Disappearing Samsung OLED TVs

Written by Oonagh Reidy     05/09/2012 | 06:44 | Category: OLED TV

Disappearing TVs, lost bloggers: Samsung hasn't been very lucky at this year's IFA.

The Disappearing Samsung OLED TVs

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No soon had it quelled criticism about two Indian bloggers who were left high and dry, it has now emerged two advanced Samsung OLED sets have gone walkabout en route to IFA show Berlin.

The OLED (organic light-emitting diode) next gen TVs, worth up to $10,000 a-pop, went walkabout en route to the consumer electronics show taking place this week in Berlin.

The next gen models were due to be displayed at the European show.

The Korean giant has confirmed it reported the missing items to German police, according to a Reuter report.

OLED display technology is the new must-have technology on Smart TVs, and uses missive organic material when supplied with an electrical current delivering a brighter screen with higher contrast, eliminating the need for back-lighting.

LG, Sony also are making OLEDs due for release in the near future.

Samsung refused to comment on corporate espionage being behind  the TV theft.