Top End OLED Vs Ultra High Definition TV Battle Looms

Written by David Richards     03/01/2013 | 14:30 | Category: OLED TV

The battle to promote Australians to start upgrading their original flat panel TVs to a new generation of OLED TVs is set to kick off in Australia in April with Samsung and LG set to go head to head in a bruising battle. Also set to enter the fray are several Chinese brands who are set to launch low cost smart TVs spanning both OLED and UHD TVs.

Top End OLED Vs Ultra High Definition TV Battle Looms

LG who recently launched an 84" Ultra High Definition TV is set to launch a 55 OLED TV in the first half of 2012 with Sony yet to announce when they will launch their new OLED TV so is Panasonic.

Both Samsung and LG revealed their 55" OLED TVs at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, but until now neither company had managed to get a product to market.

At this year's event which is set to kick off next week both companies will show their go to market OLED TVs which are set to sell for around $10,000.

Analysts said the technology was unlikely to become more affordable until at least 2015 - but that this latest release was more about cementing LG's position as a market leader.

That said, global sales of OLED televisions are expected to grow to 1.7 million by 2014, according to research firm DisplaySearch.

OLED screens have been touted as the successor to the popular liquid crystal displays (LCD).

The technology allows for the display of darker and deeper blacks, and can be made thinner than competing display methods.

Smaller OLED screens are already in mass distribution. Samsung uses the technology in its smartphones, and Sony's PlayStation Vita handheld console also utilises the thin, light technology.

Also set to make a rebound in 2013 are low cost LED, with an on-year increase in shipments of 5.7% being tipped.

Several Chinese brands including Chunghong and Hisense are set to launch Ultra HD TVs in 2013 as Ultra HD panel prices fall. Moreover, narrow bezel designs will also be a key design component for vendors in 2013 and LED backlit TVs will largely replace CCFL units during the time period as well.