OLED TV: The Future Is Crystal Clear

Written by Peter Familari     31/07/2014 | 09:51 | Category: OLED TV

OLED TV technology is the next phase in the evolution of TV technology. Looking backwards at the tube TV, you'd have to agree.

OLED TV: The Future Is Crystal Clear
The current generation of Full HD LED/LCD and 4K Ultra HD TVs are light years ahead in terms of style, user features and performance. 

OLED technology takes these developments to a whole new level.

Currently causing a stir in the Australian market is LG's premium 55" Curved OLED TV (55EA9800), which was released last year and now comes in at the more affordable price of RRP $5999.

To understand the importance of OLED, one needs to look at the heart of the technology. OLED, or 'Organic Light Emitting Diode'-technology has pioneered a way to pass an electrical current through an ultra-thin organic, carbon derived film sandwiched between two conductors.

Applying the electrical current creates light. It sounds simple but it took years and years of research and development to apply this technology to large screen displays.

Easier to grasp, are the advantages of OLED.

First, pixels in an OLED screen create direct light and moreover, each one can be turned off.

While some OLED TVs use red, green and blue pixels (RGB), LG's OLED technology creates a bright picture by employing WRGB pixel technology that introduces a fourth white sub-pixel.

Thanks to their ultra-thin, core technology, OLED TVs are thinner than other TVs. The self-emitting pixels and the direct light they generate ensure a fuller viewing angle. Since each pixel can be turned off, black appears as pitch black, providing an infinite contrast ratio and a smoother picture thanks to very fast switching speeds.

With these advantages, LG's 55EA9800 OLED TV has a picture quality that draws viewers in to its 55-inch screen, and keeps their eyeballs there.

Moreover, the picture quality is replete with colour tones, hues and textures so pure that an aspiring Cezanne would want to use them to create the next masterpiece.

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The 55EA9800's curved screen creates an immersive viewing experience so you feel like you are part of the action.

A testament to form following function, the LG 55EA9800 has a transparent Crystal Clear Stand that accentuates its slim, sleek, curved OLED screen so that images seem to float on air.

LG has also paid attention to sound quality by incorporating a 40 watt sound system. The stand has two super slim See Through speakers plus 6 downward firing speakers for great stereo sound.

The LG 55EA9800 has a 4.5 Star energy rating, making it the most energy efficient OLED TV in the market.

But the LG OLED story doesn't end here. The whisper doing the rounds says LG will release a 4K Ultra HD, 77-inch curved OLED by the end of this year.