LG To Reveal Curved OLED TV In OZ Today

Written by David Richards     01/05/2013 | 09:35 | Category: OLED TV

LG will today reveal their new curved OLED TV at a launch event in Sydney.

LG To Reveal Curved OLED TV In OZ Today
It now appears that LG management have had a change of mind after initially telling ChannelNews that they had no intention of showing the new 55-inch television which has a curved display screen that is built around organic light-emitting-diode display technology at their Sydney launch event.

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The curved TV which went on sale in Korea this week with a $13K price tag is now expected in Australia in the last quarter. 

Earlier this year, LG beat Samsung to market with a 55-inch flat-screen OLED TV which will also be shown today along with new 4K TV's.

As Samsung struggle to deliver OLED despite showing the technology at this year's CES, LG has become the world's TV manufacturer to mass produce a large OLED TV with the next-generation technology set to go on sale in Australia shortly. 

OLED displays have more vivid displays than existing liquid-crystal-display models and enable companies to produce TVs with super thin screens. 

Production yields for large OLED panels are still too low for companies to profit from them with the price set to be kept high in the short term.