LG to Launch World's First Curved ULTRA HD 4K OLED TV

Written by David Richards     22/07/2014 | 13:07 | Category: OLED TV

A Samsung Vs LG battle for supremacy at the top end of the TV market is set to break out with LG Australia tipped to launch the World's First Curved ULTRA HD 4K OLED TV in Australia later this year.

LG to Launch World
The new LG top end range consists of two TV's that include a 77" and a smaller 65" model, both models were launched in the UK overnight. 

The two new TV's will not be cheap with the 77" model tipped to retail between $29K and $33K.

When Samsung launched their 9 Series 85" model in Australia the retail sticker price was $40K with the TV sold online or via Samsung stores, the same TV is now selling for $10K.

Both new LG models, the 77EC980V and the 65EC970V, offer LG's WRGB OLED, High Dynamic Range, and Colour Refiner technologies. They also feature an Ultra HD 4K screen resolution at 3,840 x 2,160 pixels and 3D capabilities through Ultra Cinema 3D and FPR.

"For more high resolution viewing options, the 77EC980V and 65EC970V are equipped with LG's own True 4K Engine Pro, which can upscale SD, HD or Full HD content into breathtaking near-4K picture quality," said LG in a press release.

Another stand-out feature is the ability to decode broadcast signals in both H.264 and HEVC H.265 formats at 30p or 60p. The built-in decoder also makes it possible to display 4K content from external devices connected via HDMI, USB or LAN ports.

Both TVs will incorporate LG Smart TV webOS.