LG Display Employees Charged For Stealing Samsung Technologies

Written by Tony Ibrahim     17/07/2012 | 23:57 | Category: OLED TV

Four LG Display employees have been charged for stealing OLED technology belonging to Samsung Mobile Display Co.

LG Display Employees Charged For Stealing Samsung Technologies

The four employees stole trade secrets and technology pertinent to Samsung's organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels, according to an indictment filed with Suwon District court in South Korea. The indictment also revealed the secrets were provided by two Samsung employees who are also being charged.

In an email sent from Samsung Mobile to LG Display, Samsung is requesting a formal apology in addition to preventative measures being put in place to avoid a repeat. In the email, Samsung Mobile accuses LG of stealing its technology and 'core staff' to overcome its own OLED shortcomings.

Although LG hasn't denied obtaining the information, they are claiming the information obtained was widely known in the industry, and according to a Bloomberg report, is suing Samsung Mobile for defamation.

OLED televisions are recognised as next evolution technologies as they product sharper and brighter images than LCD panels while measuring just 4mm thin. OLED shipments are expected to surge 62 fold to 2.1 million in 2015 according to Colorado-based iSuppli estimates.