Advertising Giant Chooses LCD Over Plasma

Written by Matthew Lentini     19/06/2011 | 23:38 | Category: PLASMA

Eye, the company behind many of the billboard ads plastered across shopping malls, airports and highways, is moving from plasma screens to LCD screens in its digital advertising.

Advertising Giant Chooses LCD Over PlasmaEye plans to swap out all of its plasma screen billboards across Australia for LED LCD technology across Australia in a bid to be more sustainable.

"We recognise digital technology is rapidly evolving and it was important we voted to upgrade to more sustainable technology," said CEO of Eye's Australian division, Mike Tyquin.

The LCD screens are set to use 40 percent less power than their predecessors, and will be switched over across the country by June 30.

"The plasma screens being replaced were the best technology available for the time, but we now have more choice and can invest in new technology and sustainability, making the plasma screens redundant," said Tyqin.

This is one of the smallest steps on the company's move through digitised media, with CEO Gerry Thorley pointing to new technologies set to be put in place to study consumers.

"Next we'll be using Neuro Imaging to go even deeper and capture sub-conscious responses to our media environments," said Thorley at an Out-of-Home industry conference in Madrid last month.