Panasonic Considering Dropping Plasma TV's Despite Them Being The Best

Written by David Richards     25/03/2013 | 06:46 | Category: PLASMA

24 hours after Panasonic Australia launched one of the best TV ranges in Australia including new top end plasma models speculation has emerged that the Japanese Company is considering exiting the Plasma market.

Panasonic Considering Dropping Plasma TV

At a function in Adelaide the Company recently revealed a smart TV line-up of new TV's that feature easy to use smart TV technology.

What was impressive about the new Panasonic offerings, apart from the high quality display screens, was the new Viera Remote Controls which delivers access to content in a less cluttered way than arch rivals Samsung, LG and Sony.

On the new top end Panasonic TV range content can be accessed using both touch and voice input the Panasonic software is also capable of detecting who is in front of the TV using face recognition software.

Apart from being able to watch shows after they have gone to air using services like ABC iView and SBS on Demand users can also pick and choose which apps they want to load to their TV screen using the expanded Viera Connect service.

The top end models come standard with a Skype camera for face detection and video calling.

According to Panasonic Australia executives the Company is looking to attract the 70% of consumers who have not purchased a smart TV and are looking to purchase a TV that is "easy to operate, has most of the smart TV features and above all is easy to manage".

Among the social network and content apps available on the new Panasonic TV range are BigPond Movies, BigPond TV, Facebook, Twitter and Skype.

Users also get access to QuickFlix, ABC for Kids.

According to the Japanese Nikkei newspaper Panasonic could stop manufacturing plasma TV's next year.