Panasonic Goes After Specialist TV Channel With Superior New TV

Written by David Richards     23/04/2012 | 22:07 | Category: PLASMA

Panasonic Australia is set to move further upmarket with their new range of TVs with the company admitting they have done a "poor" job marketing their screens in the specialist custom installer market. There is also speculation Panasonic will have an OLED TV offering early in 2013.

Matt Pearce, Group Marketing Manager, VIErA at Panasonic Australia said the Japanese Company was now working with the "specialist" channel as they believed that they still have the best TV offering in Australia with their premium plasma TV range.

Pearce said "We have not done a good job in the specialist channel despite having a superior panel offering. We have addressed this issue and are now working with this channel to increase sales and stock levels".

Panasonic TV engineer Isshin Kinugawa said recently the firm's plasma technology had been totally reworked for 2012 and that the new range which was recently launched in Australia was superior to past models. According to Len Wallis of Len Wallis Audio in Sydney, his biggest problem was not selling Panasonics high end 65" plasma TV but getting stock.

Kinugawa said that the new range had been engineered to deliver stronger blacks and a superior overall picture. He admitted that while the sub-pixels were previously all the same size, Panasonic's new plasma technology uses sub-pixels of varying sizes, with a green sub-pixel that's notably larger than the others.

Similarly, the screen panel coating has been modified to help cut down on glare and reflections, according to Panasonic.

Apparently, these two changes will make for a measured contrast ratio twice as high as in last year's Panasonic plasmas, which were already way ahead of their LCD counterparts.

Recently Panasonic confirmed they are investing in OLED production with the company establishing a Gen-6 OLED TV pilot production line. 

The investment will cost Panasonic between $245 and $370 million) dollars. In December 2011 it was reported that Panasonic is working on an 8.5-Gen Pilot R&D line.

After CES, Panasonic's president confirmed they are working towards OLED TVs; however, SmartHouse understands that the costs of a final OLED production plant will be shared with Toshiba and Sony.