Panasonic 4K UHD TV Netflix Upgrade Policy Slammed

Written by David Richards     01/04/2015 | 20:52 | Category: ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION

Panasonic Australia has been slammed for not upgrading their premium $5499 4K Ultra High Definition WT 600 to Netflix, they have also been accused of being slow to market with other upgrades on their premium TV's.

Panasonic 4K UHD TV Netflix Upgrade Policy Slammed

The Japanese Company who is struggling to compete in the consumer TV market after abandoning plasma has not explained why, what was a top of the range Ultra High Definition TV early in 2014 has not been upgrade when significantly cheaper Panasonic TV's have been upgraded. 

For example the Panasonic TH-L32E6A which is a sub $500 32" has been upgreaded to get Netflix. Also upgraded is the 2012 42" TH-L42E5A model and the 32" TH-L32E5A both are sub $500 Panasonic TV's. In fact 27 2012 Panasonic TV models have been upgraded but not the $5K Plus WT- 600 which Panasonic claims is still a "leading edge 4K Ultra High Definition TV. 

SmartHouse has received several calls on the issue.

Panasonic has flately refused to explain why this TV has been isolated from over 40 of their models.

SmartHouse has suggested that they have a serious software issue with this TV and that the Japanese Company is struggling to deliver any current or new applications to this premium TV. 

Graeme Rodwell from The Sound Craftsman told SmartHouse "I am an Audio Video installer and have supplied and installed many different makes and models of TV's including Panasonic WT-600.

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I believe that Panasonic are making a large marketing error in not ensuring that purchases of Panasonic products can be upgraded to the current range of applications (in particular Netflix - due to the publicity it is receiving)"

He claimed "Panasonic have been slow to include many applications in their products over the last several years, but without doubt there now is definite strong demand from consumers for a full range of applications, as many believe that this is the way that TV will be viewed in the future".

"Many have relatively modern upmarket TV sets, purchased within the last three years and are asking why they have been abandoned by Panasonic, and consider that it should be there right to have access to additional applications".

"Some are now considering an upgrade to a 'Smart TV'.

"If there are technical reasons why additional applications are not or cannot be made available they should explain the situation, which would help to retain a good customer relationship".

He claimed that "Panasonic may choose to ignore this potential future market but at their peril. It may mean that when making the next purchase Panasonic perhaps will not be considered".

Also missing from their application line-up on the WT 600 is other streaming services from Stan, Foxtel and Presto.

During the past 14 months there have been little to no app upgrades to the $5,499 Ultra High Definition TV according to owners, which when launched late in 2013 Panasonic was claiming was the "Best there is".