Samsung Releases Curvy TVs

Written by Peter Familari     31/07/2014 | 12:18 | Category: ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION

The latest brand to latch on to the curvy TV craze is Samsung. The Korean AV heavyweight enters the market with its premium UHD LED TV range comprising three HU9000, series 9 models and two well-priced Series 8 TVs.

Samsung Releases Curvy TVs
Samsung is also ranging three traditional, Series 7, flatscreen UHD LED TVs, a Series Seven home cinema system, the Series 7 soundbar and two Wireless Audio Multiroom speakers called the M7 and the M5).

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Series 9 Curved UHD 

Top of the Series 9 model has a massive is 78-inch and a commensurate price of $13,999. Just as desirable is the 65-inch middle model and the bonus is its $10K cheaper at $6,649. The 55-inch model is bound to have a huge appeal to curved screened TV fans thanks to its RRP of $4,699.

Leading edge features on the Series 9 models and shared by all of Samsung's UHD LED range include Multi-Link which divides the TV screen into four parts allowing viewers to easily navigate through multitasking and multi-screening options, a More Intuitive Smart Hub, an Auto Depth Enhancer said to give the a greater sense of depth to picture quality. The TVs will also carry an updated Quad Core Processor to navigate Samsung Smart TVs even faster than before.

Series 8 Curved LED TVs

More affordable are the Series 8, 65-inch and 55-inch curved LED models priced at $5,349 and $3,499 respectively and both support the Evolution Kit that allows customers to update the set's Smart Hub features and view the latest content in a huge range of formats in the coming years.

Series 8, Flatscreen UHD LED TVs

Samsung is also ranging three traditional, flatscreen UHD LED TVs. Screen sizes begin with the 48-inch model, priced at $2,499. The 55-inch model carries a $3,799 price tag and the 65-inch set is $5,499. They will feature the Multi-Link mode which divides the screen into four sections.

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Series 7 Home Cinema System and Series 7 Soundbar

To add great sound to any of their swish new TVs, Samsung is offering The $1,099 7.1 surround sound Series 7 Home Theatre System (HT-H7750) an all-in-one home entertainment solution. The 1330W system features Samsung's 2014 Smart Hub4, an upscaling Blu-ray player, valve amp technology, and compatibility with the Samsung Wireless Audio Multi-room System.

The Series 7 Soundbar (HW-H751) costs $899 will appeal to audiophiles by combining the tonal warmth of valve amplification with Samsung's leading edge digital technology. It is also compatible with the Samsung Wireless Audio Multi-room system.

Wireless Audio Multiroom speakers

The M7 ($499) and the M5 ($399) can be used singly or as a combination with extra multi-room speakers to generate a stereo sound used as a pair or surround sound when five are fired up. The speakers play music from a range of sources to any part of the house.