Google Gets Behind Wearable Technology As Retailers Move To Range New Products

Written by David Richards     11/03/2014 | 07:46 | Category: WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY

Wearable technology is proving popular with retailers in Australia with several moving to range a combination of devices ahead of new product launches by LG and Samsung.

Google Gets Behind Wearable Technology As Retailers Move To Range New Products

Last week Dick Smith started ranging several health products at their City stores with JB Hi Fi set to follow shortly among the new wearable technologies set to hit Australian stores are devices that can verify your identity based on your heart rhythm to swanky handbags that can charge a smart phone to a new generation of headphones that can measure your pulse and heart rate.

Canadian Company Bionym, is developing a device called the "Nymi," that is a wristband that the company says will measure the wearer's unique cardiac rhythm to confirm identity, in lieu of a password or pin number.

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PC maker Asus has said that they are working on new wearable technology that involves voice and gesture commands.

Asus CEO Jonney Shih said recently that the company's first wearable device, assumed to be a smartwatch, will complement smartphones with alternative control methods.

However, Shih admitted at a National Taiwan University job fair that "more breakthroughs are needed in these areas," Focus Taiwan has reported.

Shih also said Asus is addressing battery concerns and hopes to get its wearable to a tenth the power consumption of smartphones.

Meanwhile Google has announced that their Android OS that is the most popular operating system for smartphones has been made available to power wearable devices.

Google executive Sundar Pichai said overnight that the search the company plans to release in two weeks a software development kit based on Android for makers of wearable devices, such as smart watches.

Google who plans to release its own smartwatch, which will be manufactured by LG Electronics wants to help lay out a "vision" for other developers to power their own wearable devices.

Pichai said that Google is releasing its Android software developer kit for wearable devices well before actual devices hit the market so that the company gets "plenty of feedback" first. Google plans to unveil its smartwatch at a Google developer event in June.

Smart watches are among the first wearable computing devices, but Pichai said that Google hopes its software platform will help developers create many types of wearable devices. He threw out the possibility that one day, Google's software would be used in a "smart jacket" with sensors.

Pichai has also offered the first hint on Chromecast sales, saying they are "in the millions." The device was first released in the United States, but Pichai said Sunday Google will soon make it available in Australia.

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