Leaked Video Sheds Light On Moonraker Smartwatch

Written by Fergus Halliday     16/11/2016 | 11:53 | Category: DEVICES

A new leak video has given us hands-on look at the Nokia smartwatch that could have been.

Leaked Video Sheds Light On Moonraker Smartwatch
Called the Moonraker, the wearable was ditched when Microsoft acquired the company.

The video below shows off the swipeable interface of the device and its integration with services like Facebook and MixRadio.

Design wise, it looks very akin to the Apple Watch sans the iOS integration. Instead it uses a blocky list-like menu system for navigating between apps.

The Moonraker likely would have proved an interesting player if it had made it to market, with the single button function that let the wearable switch between a traditional or more smart watch face.

While it's always possible that come of this tech could be recycled into another product, Microsoft's recent efforts to pull out of the smartphone arena by cancelling the Band 3 suggest any such revival may be a while off.