New Fitbit All About Fashion

Written by David Richards     04/02/2016 | 09:17 | Category: WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY

Retailers in Australia who have been making a killing selling Fitbit gear are set to get a new model to sell that is all about fashion.

New Fitbit All About Fashion
Called the Fitbit Alta it's a fitness tracker you'll actually want to wear.

The Fitbit Alta is designed to not only be highly functional but look great on the arm. 

Touting a fancy leather strap and an OLED display surrounded by stainless steel the new product is set to go on sale in Australia in April. 

Described as being more jewellery, or a bracelet than a fitness tracker, you will be able to get the new strap in silver, or gold, colour options, while plastic straps ship in black, blue, teal, or plum hues. The leather bands, meanwhile, come in grey, pink, and camel. 

Oh, and there's a stainless steel link band available too. And if you wait long enough, there are gold and rose-gold bangles in the works. 

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Behind the chic exterior are the usual Fitbit innards.

You'll get the standard activity tracking - distance travelled, calories burned, etc. - as well as sleep tracking too.

The Fitbit Alta also recognises when you're exercising, so you won't need to set it to "run" - it will just track automatically.

There's also a notification system to inform you when you've been engaging in the deadly sin of sloth for too long.

What's more, paired smartphones (iOS, Android, Windows supported) will push alerts - like calls and texts - to the Fitbit.

The only obvious missing feature is optical heart-rate tracking, but that means you'll get improved battery life. Five days of battery life, in fact.

The new tracker has not been priced yet but it could cost around $169 in Australia.