HTC On A Winner, VR Star Wars Movie Coming To HTC Vive

Written by David Richards     13/03/2016 | 17:24 | Category: WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY

HTC, who is currently witnessing record sales of their new HTC Vive via their online web site is set to reap the benefit of a close relationship with Lucas Films maker of the Star Wars Trilogy.

HTC On A Winner, VR Star Wars Movie Coming To HTC Vive

Lucas Film's new venture, ILMxLab is hoping to release a VR Star Wars for the Vive soon, that allows users of the HTC VR offering to seriously immerse themselves in a Star Wars Movie.

Back in 2015 ILMxLab announced that they were partnering with HTC Vive to celebrate the launch of their new VR lab.

ILMxLab creative director John Gaeta said recently "AR (augmented reality) is going to hit us like a big bang. 

Mid 2015 when HTC announced delays to their Vive project ILMxLab said that they were also delaying their Star Wars VR project.

Currently no Australian retailers are stocking the HTC Vive due to limited production which is already being swamped by online only demand.

"We're just trying to point out right from the beginning that there will be a form of VR that will be as hi-fidelity as at the cinema. I can't say at this stage when that'll be. But at some point, we'll have intimate holo-experiences with performance and things like that," he added.

Recently a teaser trailer on YouTube for the very first Star Wars VR game, called Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine was revealed, shortly after the release of the VR trailer the clip was set tp "private". No explanation has been given for the private setting. 

Gaeta said that the development of this project had been challenging.

According to sources Star Wars VR uses a combination of Windows 10 computer and projection systems to create the "mixed-reality world."

"These glasses, in combination with a motion-capture system used to track positioning, let viewers watch the inhabitants of Jakku - in this case, the droid's BB-8 and C-3PO - pop out from the projections on surrounding screens and move around in 3D space as if they were physically present. It's an impressive technical feat that, quite literally, has to be seen to be believed."

John Gaeta said that they wanted to "allow people to understand that there is no longer a wall between cinema or storytelling. It could just be the opening gateway.the portal."

ILMxLab is already experimenting on different tools like the one they did with VScout, an immersive production tool that was developed in parallel with Holo-Cinema. VScout can be used independently.

Gaeta notes that these technologies can be of great use in cinema. They hope that they can simulate augmented reality and bring it to the users' end. With HTC Vive closing in on its launch, fans are excited to see how Star Wars VR will come to life.

The HTC Vive system opened pre-orders on Feb. 29. In Australia it costs $899 and in New Zealand it is $949.


The HTC Vive will arrive with one Vive VR Headset, 2 SteamVR Wireless Controllers and 2 Lighthouse Laser Base Stations. It will reportedly come with 2 games, Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives and Fantastic Contraption. There are no official announcements about Star Wars VR arriving as well, but the leaked teaser suggests it would be following very soon.


The HTC Vive will also have the Vive Phone Service that can be attached to the users' phone via Bluetooth. HTC Vive is scheduled to ship in Australia later this year.