Still Wanted By US Mega Aims To List On Stock Exchange

Written by Computer Daily News     27/03/2014 | 06:47 | Category: WIRELESS & NETWORKING

With the US Government still fighting to arrest and deport him from New Zealand Kim Dotcom has has announced plans to list his Company Mega on New Zealand's stockmarket.

Still Wanted By US Mega Aims To List On Stock Exchange
Documents filed with the stock exchange put Mega's value at NZ$210 million (A$196 million). 

Mega plans to use a backdoor listing via the purchase of an existing listed company and CEO Stephen Hall said he hopes trading will begin in early June. 

Kim Dotcom faces possible extradition to the US later this year to face music and video piracy charges.

US authorities claim his online file-sharing service has cost film studios and record labels more than US$500 million while it simultaneously scored more than $175 million in revenues. Dotcom, 40, has denied any wrongdoing. 

Dotcom is also planning this week to begin registering members of his nascent Internet Party in order to contest New Zealand's September general election.