Vodafone Claim Their New 4G Huawei Network Is Faster Than Telstra Court Hearing Tipped

Written by David Richards     19/07/2013 | 12:39 | Category: WIRELESS & NETWORKING

A battle has broken out between Vodafone and Telstra after Vodafone claimed that in Sydney and Melbourne their new Huawei built 4G network is faster than the Telstra 4G network and the new Optus 4G network. Telstra is set to head to Court.

Vodafone Claim Their New 4G Huawei Network Is Faster Than Telstra Court Hearing Tipped
They claim that recent Ookla speedtests done by thousands of Samsung and HTC smartphone users in the first week of July reveal that Vodafone customers averaged a download speed of 48Mbps across parts of Sydney, ahead of Telstra and Optus, both of which had an average download speed of 26Mbps. 

The carrier who is facing a barrage of claims over their slow 3G network claims that in Melbourne they are also well ahead of the competition, with an average data speed of 41Mbps, compared to Telstra with an average of 30Mbps and Optus with 23Mbps. 

Vodafone also offers the most competitive $60 plan of the big three providers on the market for the hottest 4G devices: the Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5 and HTC One.

"Vodafone is proud to be able to offer our 4G customers in Sydney and Melbourne the fastest data speeds in town at an affordable price," said Chief Marketing Officer Kim Clarke.

"We only launched our brand-new 4G network last month so customers can expect our coverage to grow; in fact by the end of 2013 we plan to triple the number of network sites from launch. Our network is custom-built for fast data speeds and Vodafone has always had a reputation for offering competitive pricing."

Telstra has responded with threats that they will challenge Vodafone claims in court. Sources have confirmed that Telstra legal has writtent to Vodafone challenging the carriers claims that it had the "fastest 4G network in Australia", since it launched the service on June 12.

In a carefully worded statement then, Vodafone chief network officer Benoit Hanssen said the network's "20MHz wide-band spectrum holdings meant Vodafone was able to offer its customers some of the fastest speeds available across mainland Australia". He said it offered "average speeds 15 times faster than 3G speeds".

Yesterday Telstra issued a statement claiming that they are set to expand their 4G network with several holiday towns across Australia set to get access to Telstra's 4G network  the end of the year when upgrades to 1500 base stations are complete.