Public Wi-Fi Speed To Triple

Written by Computer Daily News      08/04/2014 | 11:32 | Category: BROADBAND

SAN FRANCISCO - Chipmaker Qualcomm has announced technology that it claims could triple the speed of public Wi-Fi connections, such as those used in coffee shops or sporting grounds.

Public Wi-Fi Speed To Triple

Current Wi-Fi networks serve one device at a time, cycling quickly among different users. That creates slower speeds for everyone when more devices connect to the network.

But Qualcomm says it has developed technology that can communicate with multiple users at a time, potentially increasing speeds to 600Mbps.

The technology is known as MU-MIMO (multi user-multiple-input multiple-output). Qualcomm says it will use it in new network equipment and Snapdragon mobile chipsets.

Qualcomm plans to sell MU-MIMO chips to manufacturers of wireless routers and access points, as well as to companies that make smartphones, tablets and other consumer electronics. 

First shipments are due early next year.