Advanced Telstra 4G LTE Coming To Six OZ Cities

Written by Alex Zaharov-Reutt      21/07/2014 | 17:35 | Category: BROADBAND

Super Fast 4G LTE Advanced is set to be trialled by Telstra in what could be the next generation of 700MHz frequency mobile broadband technology.

Advanced Telstra 4G LTE Coming To Six OZ Cities
When you feel the need for speed, you may need to turn to Telstra, whose NBN-busting 4G network is about to be upgraded - again. 

LTE-A, or LTE Advanced, is the next evolution of 4G technology, promising even faster speeds and greater range, especially in buildings - much like Telstra's 850MHz Next G network had great in-building connectivity. 

This is because Telstra's 4G LTE-A trials are using the 700MHz frequency that has been used for years by various wireless microphones and sound systems - a frequency that like 850MHz is a good building penetrator. 

Telstra's 4G LTE-A network works with in tandem with Telstra's 1800MHz "regular" 4G network, with the LTE-A part of Telstra's equation using both the 700Mhz and 1800MHz spectrum bands, which Telstra says will "serve up ultra-fast data speeds" that are "double the speeds [customers] current experience on the 4G network". 

20MHz of Telstra's 700MHz spectrum holdings are being used at the aforementioned six locations, with Telstra promising even more 700MHz 4G LTE-A services to be rolled out "in a range of cities and regional centres from January 2015". 

Telstra's GM of Networks, Mike Wright, stated that: "This spectrum operates at a lower frequency that will give our customers better 4G coverage in buildings, lifts and car parks. 

"Our superior spectrum holding is significant and as customers take part in this commercial trial, they will experience faster speeds compared with other services in this band.

"In addition to faster speeds, this combination of two spectrum bands also doubles the 4G capacity of our network, which means it can support more customers, using more devices, doing more of the things they love at the same time. This is particularly important given the continued explosion of mobile data", said Mr Wright. 

Telstra says that both the HTC One M8 and the Samsung Galaxy S5 are already compatible with 700MHz-delivered 4G, and that more smartphones and connected devices compatible with 700MHz 4G are due before the end of the year. 

Mr Wright promised that Telstra customers in the six cities to get 4G LTE-A will be able to try "the new network for themselves when we switch it on in the coming weeks", adding that "the commercial trial will also allow us to test how our use of the 700 MHz band interacts with wireless audio devices that are still able to be used by the community in this spectrum until the end of 2014."

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