1Tbps Trialled Over Telstra's Sydney to Melbourne Cable

Written by Tony Ibrahim     18/03/2013 | 01:20 | Category: BROADBAND

Telstra's existing fibre network will be compatible with an upgrade that delivers 1 Tbps data transmissions; a tenfold increase in performance.

1Tbps Trialled Over Telstra

Ericsson teamed up with Telstra to demonstrate the transmission of date at 1Tbps per wavelength over Telstra's high-speed Fibre cable connecting Sydney to Melbourne. The test proves the existing 995km pipeline can support 1Tbps technology in a real network environment.

Telstra's director of transport & routing engineering, David Robertson, said: "We are currently upgrading our optical transmission networks with Ericsson's next generation 100Gbps technology and this trial demonstrates that the higher 1Tbps speeds are possible.

"The trial has proven that our existing optical cable plant can support 1Tbps channels along with 40Gbps and 100Gbps channels simultaneously on the same fibre, verifying that we have the ability to increase capacity on our existing fibre cables when required."

According to TechnologySpectator, the advancing technology will help Aussie telcos reinforce and expand their existing internet pipelines to manage the growing demand for internet data.