Telstra Screws Up Christmas, Broadband Down For Days, Homes Nobbled

Written by David Richards     27/12/2015 | 16:23 | Category: INDUSTRY

Telstra has screwed up Xmas for hundreds of North Shore residents, with home being left without broadband or a Foxtel connection, in some cases homes have been left without security systems or connectivity to home automation systems.

Telstra Screws Up Christmas, Broadband Down For Days, Homes Nobbled
The Telstra cable broadband service which has been down for several days, has resulted in at least 186 homes in Mosman having to use mobile phone tethering to connect to the Internet a process that burns up mobile data.

The service that went down on the 23rd of December is not due to be restored until the 29th of December according to Telstra staff at the Mosman Telstra shop. Telstra has not explained why it will take nearly a week to fix what appears to be a serious network problem.

Homes that have invested in Wi Fi connectivity for audio sound systems, security, or home automation products, have been left with dead systems, TV's that need a broadband feed to access Netflix or other streaming services have become inoperable. 

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Owners of the new Foxtel iQ3 set top box or the new Telstra TV Roku service, are not able to access recorded programs but despite this, Telstra who loves to brag about the efficiency of their network, are not offering any answers relating to their lack of service. 

Telstra media staff have failed to respond to both telephone calls and emails requesting an explanation to the problem. 

Staff at the Telstra Mosman shop were also unhelpful, claiming that there is nothing that can be done until the 29th of December at the earliest.

What is not explained is why Telstra a multibillion dollar Company who sell the most expensive broadband and mobilke services in Australia do not have teams in place to fix network or cable problems. Even if a cable is damaged by a third party the least Telstra could deliver is a service team, 52 weeks of the year that can fix a broadband problem in under 7 days. 

This is the same Company that put out a press release on the 23rd of December titled "Tis the season to be online"
Telstra predicts record traffic on its network on Christmas Day, 855,000 GB of downloaded data, 58 million text messages, 35 million calls from mobiles, 600,000 calls overseas from fixed lines and mobiles.

They then went on to bleat, Australians are expected to double the amount of photos and videos shared on social media this Christmas with Telstra predicting almost 900,000 GB of data to be downloaded on Christmas Day, twice the amount of the same time last year.

Telstra's Director for Wireless Network Engineering, Channa Seneviratne, said social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat have made it easier for Australians of all ages to share Christmas with loved ones near and far. 

It's obvious that Channa Seneviratne does not live on Sydney's North Shore.